Water, Sewer & Garbage Bills

You can mail your bill to: The Village of Mark, P.O. Box 27, Mark, IL 61340

You can pay your bill at the Granville National Bank.

Please include your payment coupon when making a payment

The Village of Mark issues Water/Sewer/Garbage bills on approximately the 15th of each month.

Bills reflect the prior month’s usage.

Meter readings are taken on or about the first of each month and when mass-estimated is noted on bills.

Garbage is picked up weekly on Thursday by Waste Management.


Waste Management “At your door service “ is expected to be ready July 1, 2024. 

Water Rates:

First 3000 gallons / $40.60 minimum

3,000 PLUS gallons / $1.04 per hundred

Sewer Rates:

First 3,000 gallons / $20.11 minimum

Over 3,000 gallons / $.41 per hundred

Garbage Rates:

Mark Unit Rate: $26.97

Senior Unit Rate: $25.56